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8 Home Maintenance Tips to Help You Save on Running Costs

Maintenance is the key to cutting costs. This concept works for numerous niches and industries and your home isn’t an exception. The “don’t touch it while it works” approach has forced numerous homeowners deal with extra expenses.

Even if your home looks wonderful, it doesn’t mean it’s fine. Preventive maintenance is vital for every home, no matter how new and expensive it is. Setting up a maintenance schedule with a checklist can help you save on running costs and enjoy your home for decades to come.

Orlando General Contractors agreed to share their experience and make a list of maintenance tips for your home. Let’s take a look.

1. Do Routine HVAC Maintenance

Taking care of your HVAC system is vital to having clean and fresh air in your home. Meanwhile, an unexpected breakdown can leave you without heating and air conditioning for several days.

Don’t forget to replace the filters on your air conditioning and heating systems at least once every 6 months. This can keep you and your family members from experiencing allergies and respiratory diseases.

2. Clear Your Gutters

Gutter cleaning is necessary every spring. Old leaves start rotting inside the gutters, damaging them. Meanwhile, clogged gutters don’t allow proper water rerouting, which can lead to a cracked foundation.

Dirty gutters can also cause bug infestations, which are hard and unpleasant to deal with. You can hire professionals for gutter cleaning in order to save time and effort.

3. Check For Leaks

Make it a habit to check your house for leaks every 3 months. Go to the attic and inspect the ceiling and walls. Look around the toilet, sinks, and cabinets around them. Make sure to look around the washer and dryer as well.

Catching a leak before it damages your home can save you substantial amounts of money.

4. Trim Your Trees

If you have tall trees with large branches in your yard, make sure you trim them once a year. These branches pose a hazard to your home especially if you live in a hurricane-prone area. Snowstorms can also cause the trees to break and fall under the weight of the snow and the pressure of strong winds.

5. Test Your Smoke Alarms and CO2 Detectors

Annual alarm testing is vital to keeping your home safe. Perhaps, you just need to replace the batteries. Or you may need professional assistance. In any case, any preventive manipulation will be cheaper than repairing smoke and fire damage.

6. Check The Weather Stripping

Your doors and windows are equipped with metal and rubber seals known as weather stripping. They keep the air from getting inside your house thus reducing your energy bills. These seals tend to wear out with time.

Check the weather stripping twice a year to make sure your home is prepared for the cold and hot seasons. Replacing them is much cheaper than paying high energy bills.

7. Clean Your Refrigerator Coils

Refrigerator coils help keep your fridge cold thus avoiding extra expenses. Dirty coils force the generator to work harder and cause breakdowns. The cost of energy used by the refrigerator can go up by 35%.

Cleaning fridge coils takes under an hour yet saves you plenty of money. Consider checking the coils twice a year.

8. Keep The Fixtures Operational

In order for the fixtures and pipes to work properly without being clogged, you need to run water through them. If you have a guest bathroom which doesn’t get used too often, make it a habit to turn the water on and flush the toilet on a regular basis. This way you can avoid costly pipe and faucet repair.


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