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5 Most Popular Types of Plastic Surgery in the USA

While South Korea is the world leader in the plastic surgery industry, the United States is not far behind. In fact, it’s on the fourth position right after Italy and Greece. Americans spend over 10 billion dollars on plastic surgery each year, and the numbers seem to be going up. In 2016, the United States was the country with the highest number of plastic surgeons. Almost 5 million people have undergone plastic surgery in the US in the past three years.
Let’s take a look at five most popular plastic surgery procedures in the country.

1. Breast Augmentation
Improving the appearance of the breast is the most popular plastic surgery procedure in the United States. Expert surgeons from breast augmentation services by LaBelleVie point out that 300,378 breast augmentation procedures were performed in the US in 2017. If compared with 2016, the number of augmentations rose by almost 10,000.

The reasons for getting breast augmentation are numerous. They are usually psychological and aimed at improving a woman’s self-esteem. Sometimes, breast augmentation is necessary after a mastectomy or if one of the breasts is substantially smaller than another.

2. Liposuction
The second most popular plastic surgery type is liposuction. In 2017, 246,354 liposuction surgeries were performed. Compared to 2016, the number of procedures has risen by about 10,000. However, when you look at the stats of 2000, the number of such cosmetic surgeries has decreased by more than 100,000. Meanwhile, the procedure hasn’t lost its popularity.
While breast augmentation is mostly done for psychological reasons, liposuction is often performed for medical reasons as well. Liposuction can eliminate disproportionate fat, which is almost impossible to remove by diet and exercise. The procedure reduces fat cells in the blood decreasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

3. Nose Reshaping (Rhinoplasty)
While it may seem unusual, nose reshaping gets one of the leading positions in the plastic surgery ratings. In 2017, 218, 924 surgeries have been performed. Compared to 2016, the number of such procedures decreased by 5,000. If we look at the year 2000, about 170,000 more procedures were performed back then.

The reasons for getting a nose reshaping surgery are mostly aesthetic. People do it to boost their self-esteem. However, there are medical indications for rhinoplasty. For example, it can correct breathing issues in case a patient has a narrow nasal passage. Nose reshaping is also a remedy for nose fractures.

4. Eyelid Surgeries (Blepharoplasty)
In 2017, 209,517 eyelid surgeries have been performed in the United States. Compared to 2016, the number didn’t change substantially. However, in 2000, about 100,000 more surgeries were performed. It’s worth mentioning that eyelid surgeries are much more popular in Asia than in the United States due to the different eye shape of Asian patients.

The most common reasons for this surgery are not aesthetic but medical. Drooping eyelids can interfere with the vision quality and can be fixed by blepharoplasty. Excess skin on the lower eyelids may cause dry eyes. An eyelid surgery can fix it and remove eye puffiness as well. The aesthetic reason to have a blepharoplasty is rejuvenation.

5. Facelifts (Rhytidectomy)
The fifth most popular cosmetic surgery in the United States is a facelift. In 2017, 125,697 procedures have been completed. Facelift surgeries are divided into two categories: full facelift and mini facelift. About 75% of all facelift surgeries are full. Compared to 2016 and 2000, the number of facelift surgeries hasn’t changed dramatically.

Facelifts are popular due to their ability to rejuvenate the skin quickly. In the majority of cases, the desire to get a facelift comes with age. Facelifts remove sagging skin, decrease creases around the mouth and nose, and make a person look younger. The longevity of the facelift effect varies from person to person. However, the popularity of such surgeries stays strong.

Final Thoughts
Plastic surgery is usually expensive and rarely covered by insurance. It’s important to check out all the pros and cons of such surgeries even if they are medically justified. Even such a light procedure as a mini facelift is a surgery nevertheless. An extensive consultation with a surgeon is necessary before making the final decision.

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