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4 Skincare Tips for Women 50+

Taking care of your skin is important regardless of your age. If you employ the right techniques, your skin can look younger for many years to come. Moisture and extra protection are highly important for your skin’s condition. When you are over 50, you may want to consider injections or …
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How to Prevent Acne

Have you always envied people gifted with flawless skin? Have you always struggled with pimples, or oily, gray or unnaturally red complexion and needed a lot of makeup to cover these imperfections? As Pureman experts notice, acne is a skin condition that affects both men and women and is an …

8 Helpful Benefits of Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea has been used as a traditional folk remedy for different health issues. Unlike black and green tea, chamomile tea comes from a flower. The flowers are gathered and dried to make a delicious and aromatic tea. Apart from the enjoyable taste of this herbal tea, chamomile tea is …