7 Gift Ideas for High School Girls

Coming up with gift ideas is always tough. It’s even more complicated when it comes to high school girls. These girls seem to have so many different wishes that satisfying them isn’t always easy. If it’s been a while since you’ve been a high school girl – or maybe you’ve never been one at all – you need some help.

Be it Christmas, birthday or another occasion, you want the gift to be special and useful. How can you achieve both without spending a fortune? We collected a few ideas to give you inspiration.

1. Exciting Jewelry

If you don’t know what to give a woman, get jewelry. A high school girl is a young woman who would love such a gift. You don’t need to spend thousands on gold and diamonds. If you have a limited budget, go for silver or handmade jewelry. These days, it’s easy to find special gift ideas on such websites as Etsy.

2. New Outfit

Do you know a girl who claims she has enough clothes in her closet? Probably not. That’s why a high school girl will be ecstatic about a new outfit. But what if you don’t know her size or her tastes? No problem! Find out what her favorite store is and get a gift certificate. A chance to go shopping is one of the best gifts you could give her.

If you want the gift to be a bit more personalized, you may want to consider getting a varsity jacket. Be it varsity jackets from Varsity Base or the best deals from Amazon, you can always get them embroidered with a personalized message.

3. Makeup Brushes

High school is the time many girls dive into the sea of makeup. They make numerous experiments and look for all the tools possible to make makeup perfect. A set of high-quality makeup brushes can make a girl truly happy. Just make sure you do some research to get the right stuff.

4. Leather Wallet

While any girl would prefer a new bag, you may not know what type fits her outfits. However, a nice leather wallet is always a good option. Make sure it has many pockets and compartments for cards, coins, etc. Girls love an opportunity to stash something in their wallets. They’ll be happy if they find a few bucks in the wallet, too.

5. Water Flask

Is the girl into sports? Then you have an opportunity to do some hydro flask research. Water bottles are very common but getting a truly special one will make any girl happy. You may want to consider personalizing a flask with her name.

6. iPhone Case

If the girl has an iPhone, you can make her happy with a special case. In fact, you may want to get a collection of cases for everyday use. By researching iPhone cases, you may find one to suit her style. If you aren’t sure which one does, grab a couple!

7. Speakers

High school girls discover new music every day. If you want to make the music lover happy, get her high-quality speakers. Of course, some of them may cost a fortune, but you can easily find something to suit your budget.

Make sure the speakers are wireless and compatible with all the possible operating systems, so she could use them with her smartphone.


Making a high school girl happy is hard and easy at the same time. If you invest some time and imagination in choosing a gift, she is bound to be happy with it.


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